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The history of Mar*a*Mar

The history of Mar*a*Mar cannot to be told without before to tell a little about the owners, Afonso Jório and Luiz Couto. To know a little about the personal life and characteristics of each one, it will allow to the users to know better, the personality of the Company.

Afonso Jório, born in Brazil in 1955, he was a professional soccer player and afterwards, professional diver, working more than 9 years in a company of submarine technical services, acting in petroleum platforms, accomplishing shallow dive and saturation dive, some of them at 256 meters of depth, with permanence of until 28 days in the bottom of the sea. He worked at rivers and lakes, in ports and off-shore and also, extracting gold in bottom of rivers.

In 1985 he created Mar*a*Mar, a fishing company dedicated to collect and export ornamental marine fishes and algae. A little later, he met Luiz Couto and they worked together in the trade of ornamental fish. In 1993, it was sought by the brothers Coltro and they became supplier of shells to the Femorale Company. In 1998 he was retired for Femorale and in 2000, he decided to expand the activities of Mar*a*Mar for the business of the shells for collection, introducing Mar*a*Mar in Belgium Shell Show.

Luiz Couto was born in 1966 and soon got the first job as Bank’s Manager, where he got a good experience with administration and financial manager. After some years in the bank, he decided to make a radical change in his life style moving to Guarapari where he begun to dive with Afonso, collecting ornamental fishes. After some time, Luiz started a personal business working with landscape and flowers, specializing in Orchids, of wich he has a big collection with over 600 different kinds.

Afonso and Luiz, during several years, worked supplying shells to Femorale Company, of Brothers Coltro.

In 2000, Afonso attended to Antwerp Shell Show and they started their own shells’ business.

Ever since, Mar*a*Mar is growing and consolidating as an important source of shells for collection, with high quality pattern and great variety.

The proposal of Mar*a*Mar doesn’t only limit for sale of sea products. We considered the existence of other values attached to our products, such as friendship, dignity, transparency and reliability. In Mar*a*Mar you won’t find only material goods!

For the future, we think in to offer shelling trip to collectors around the world, inviting small groups to visit Brazil.

Where is Mar*a*Mar based?

We are located at the tourist city called Guarapari, in Espírito Santo State. Mar*a*Mar is strategically seated in the middle of the Brazilian coast, in the Atlantic Ocean border, at about 500 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro city, driving by car trough BR-101 Highway. We are around 50 kilometers far from Vitória’s airport, from where we export our products.

We have 4 fishing boats and many other suppliers, dispersed for the Brazil and the world, guaranteeing like this, a supply in regular basis.

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